Energy Efficient Upgrades


Most home owners agree that making their home more energy efficient is a good thing. That being said, not all energy efficient upgrades are created equally. Here is a list of some of the best investments a homeowner can make to save energy and add value to a home.

Get To The Source Of Your Problem

One of the first things a home owner must do before they decide on making energy efficient upgrades is to locate which areas of the home needs help on. A great way to find out information on this is to have an energy audit conducted on your home. The audits are very thorough and are able to pin point the exact areas where your home is wasting energy.


Having your home properly insulated is a key component in having an energy efficient home. Heat is lost in a number of areas of a home including windows, attics and basements. Adding better insulation in those areas will help keep the heat in and your heating bills lower.

In warmer climates, it will keep the cool air in so your air conditioning unit isn’t working overtime. If you have an older home, the insulation is most likely not very efficient. In some cases, older homes may not even have insulation in attic or basement areas. Upgrading and adding insulation is almost always the right thing to do. Converting your attic or finishing your basement for living space is a win/win. Not only is insulation added but so is additional square footage both of which can boost a home’s value!

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are two additional areas that are often prone to energy leaks. Older homes have problems in this area as well. Installing new windows and insulated doors can help quite a bit. Tip: Always look for energy star ratings when shopping around for windows, doors and appliances.

Re-caulking and installing weather stripping is a less expensive option and also a very good way to help winterize a home for the cold months. New windows and doors are great projects for increasing energy efficiency and adding value to a home.


From installing LED bulbs to skylights, there are many ways a homeowner can save on electricity in their home. While light bulbs won’t necessarily increase the value of a home, installing skylights can. A good amount of natural light in a home is attractive to buyers and if it’s needed in the house, it is a good investment to make.

Home Automation

Home automation has many different areas that it covers from security to entertainment systems. Some features of these types of systems can control heating, cooling, lighting, temperature and some also have energy monitoring. This can help create a more energy efficient home in a simpler way…with the touch of a button! Home automation is an upcoming trend for comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

Energy Saving Appliances

Kitchen upgrades are known for being a great way to add home value. If your appliances are outdated and don’t reflect the trends in your area then investing in new models will add value to a home. Many appliances today have excellent energy efficient designs. So in this situation, energy efficient appliances will add value to a home!

If you would like additional energy efficient tips, shoot me an email or call me.  I’m always here to help!

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