Closing Your Swimming Pool for the Winter in Mild Climates

pool with snow

From time to time I like to include check lists for home maintenance.  One of my good friends and business colleagues Brad Le Beau, Owner of The Pool Managers, 916-223-0631, has put together this check list together for me to share with all of you.  Brad encourages poll owners to call him ask questions about pool maintenance.

The following six steps are a basic guideline for “winterizing” your swimming pool in a mild climate region such as the Sacramento area.

1- Balance Pool Water.

Make sure chlorine levels, ph, alkalinity, conditioner level, as well as all other water chemistry is correct before closing your pool for the swimming off season.

2 – Clean the filter.

Your pool filter should be cleaned at the end of the fall season when leaves and debris are done falling. This cleaning should provide proper filtration for your pool through winter. In the event of an storm that deposits extreme amounts of debris and sediment in the pool another cleaning may be necessary.

3 – Turn off the solar heating system

Your pools solar system should be shut off and drained immediately at the end of the swimming season. This includes making sure the solar panels are drained to protect against freeze damage.

4 –Supplement your salt water chlorine generator.
When the water gets cold Salt Water Chlorine Generators won’t produce chlorine. During this time be sure to supplement with traditional chlorine if your pool relies on a salt cell for chlorination.

5 –Lower Pump Run Time
Minimize your energy bill by reducing the pump run time during the winter months. For the average pool that runs 6 – 8 hours during the summer months, 3 – 4 hours will suffice in the winter. Use this 50% decrease as a guideline for you pools run time.


6 – Protect against the freeze.
If your pool equipment does not have automatic freeze protection be sure to take measures to protect your pool equipment. The best way to do this is running your pool equipment during the coldest part of the day and placing blankets over pumps and plumbing where water may sit stagnant and freeze.


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