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Kathleen Beck-Mortgage Lender

“A Person You Can Count On!”thankYouCanstock5659997

Thank you Nora and Beth for such a great review.  I loved working with you and I am happy you and hope you enjoy your new home.

“This one person, Kathleen, re-invigorated my belief in business ethics, professionalism and honesty.   I and my partner, Beth, were in the process of purchasing a home and we contacted Kathleen.  From day one, she makes you feel as if you are her one and only client.  It is true, she is so dedicated to her customer and her ethics and values of service and honesty was proven to the highest extent in our case.   Our sellers tried to do some very dishonest things in the request for repair process and it became quite complicated and stressful to say the least.  She maintained such calm and was our advocate through this delicate process.

In the end, we got what we needed as buyers, both in the loan process and in her representation of our interests.  She is truly a good, honest, hardworking mortgage loan representative.  We will forever be indebted to her for all she has done and anyone can contact us for a referral recommendation at

Thank you Kathleen!

Nora and Beth


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