Giragge1It is important when the appraiser inspects the property that your property is fully functional and ready for inspection so you receive the best appraisal value for your property and not incur the cost of a re-inspection fee also known as a 1004-D. Below are important things to remember prior to your scheduled appraisal inspection: All utilities must be on so they can be tested by the appraiser. Make sure the HVAC (heating and air conditioning) is working and turned on. The pool and spa must be filled with clean water and filter must be functional and running. Chipping or peeling paint must be corrected especially for homes built prior to 1978. Homes built prior to 1978 may contain lead based paint. Water heaters must be turned on and functioning and double strapped per California State Law. Carbon monoxide detectors must be installed per California State Law. Also, let your lender know if there are any incomplete repair or remodeling project so you lender may confirm if the unfinished project is a functional or health and safety issue and needs to be completed prior to inspection or prior to close. Also, please let your lender know before the appraisal is ordered if the home has any major remodeling completed such as a kitchen or a bathroom remodel, or square foot additions completed with or without permits. If you are purchasing home, please forward this information on to your real estate agent and have her/him contact your lender if there are any issues with the home prior to scheduling the appraisal inspection. Taking these few steps to insure your appraisal is successful will make the loan process much easier for you and your family. Please call or email me with any questions… Let me help make your dream of homeownership come true. I specialize in finding you the right loan that meets your specific needs and financial goals. With mortgage rates still near historic lows, make this year the year to make your homeownership dream come true. Please email me today or call 916-722-0395 to get started on your dream of home ownership. Kathleen Beck A person you can count on. West Coast Mortgage Group 2716 Broadway Sacramento, CA 95818 NMLS#243181 BRE#01058848

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