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Safe Guard Yourself Against Identity Theft

Over the years many of my friends and clients have asked me how they can prevent Identity Theft of their personal information. Now with the sophisticated hacking software it is harder than ever to keep your information private. I have over the years compiled a list of the top ten things you should know and do to prevent the theft of your identity.
1. Check your credit report directly with the three major credit bureaus (, Trans and every 6 months, in most cases they will not charge you.
2. Sign up for credit monitoring with the three major credit bureaus so they will contact by email every time your credit changes, there may be a charge for this service.
3. Shred everything that you need to discard with your name and address on it such as bank & credit cards statements, magazine covers, pay stubs, and junk mail.
4. Never give your Social Security Number to anyone except when applying for credit or filing taxes. This means do not give your Social Security Number to your doctor or dentist, they have no need for this information.
5. Take your Driver License Number off your personal checks and other account information. Also, do not give your Driver License Number to your doctor or dentist as they have no need for this information.
6. Copy the front and back of all your credit cards so you can immediately report the theft of your card to the bank and authorities.
7. Remove your Social Security Card from your wallet and put it in a safe place or your deposit box at the bank.
8. Only keep one credit or debit card in your wallet at a time.
9. Check your bank and credit card statements every month to make sure there are no unauthorized charges or activity on your accounts.
10. Keep your banking and credit card usernames and passwords different from each other. Random numbers and letters are better passwords to use.
If you suspect you have been a victim in Identity theft contact the credit bureaus immediately and freeze your credit. Freezing you credit will stop anyone from opening new credit in your name. Also, contact your creditors and local police department immediately and let them know of your loss.
Please contact me if you have any questions about loans both refinance and purchases or your credit.
Kathleen Beck
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