Are you Fine Tuning your Home Finance goals?

Happy 2014
Are You Fine Tuning ImageYour Home Financing Goals?

Whether you are thinking of buying a home, refinancing your current home or just wondering if you will benefit from the current interest rates, there are a few things you will need to do before getting started.

  1. Try to have your current credit cards paid down to 50% of the credit limit,
  2. You have a copy of your last paycheck for the year.
  3. You have copies of your Social Security Card and Driver’s License.
  4. You have a copy of your most recent 30 days of paystubs.
  5. You have your Federal Tax Returns and W2’s for 2011 and 2012.
  6. Your declaration page of your Homeowner’s Insurance and copy of your current mortgage statement.
  7. If you have school loans make sure you have current statements with the current payment even if the loan is in deferment.
  8. Two months of your most recent bank statements. Make sure you document all non-payroll deposits with a copy of the deposit slip and a copy of the check or wire transfer. Also, you will need a letter of explanation explaining each non-payroll deposit.
  9. If you own a business make sure you have a year ending December 31, 2013 Profit and Loss Statement.

Also, if you have had a Bankruptcy, Short Sale or Foreclosure in the last 7 years I will need copies of the Bankruptcy, the final closing statement from the short sale and a copy of the Trustee Sale on a Foreclosure.

For Veterans and Active Military there are additional requirements of your DD214 or record of service.

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